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Edited by Michael J. Lee, Executive Editor
for Radio Free Entertainment

July 6, 2005

In the comic-to-film action adventure Fantastic Four, a group of five individuals embark on an outer space mission into the heart of a cosmic storm. But when a miscalculation exposes them to a mysterious radiation, they begin to exhibit superhuman powers. One member of the expedition chooses to use his newfound gifts for personal gain, while the other four take the more altruistic approach.

Julian McMahon plays the power-hungry Victor Von Doom, who is transformed into a metallic titan with the power to control electricity. As the nemesis of the Fantastic Four, he is known as Dr. Doom. In this interview, Julian talks about playing the villain of the story.

The Interview

MEDIA: Tell us a little about your character.

JULIAN: I play Victor Von Doom, also known as Dr. Doom. Victor in the movie starts as a very wealthy, politically orientated man who runs the biggest company in the world, worth billions and billions and billions and billions and billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars. And he sends him and four other people, who eventually become the Fantastic Four, into space to capture what he believes [is a] cosmic storm, which is going to alter the way that we look at humanity and help deal with many different types of diseases and all that kind of stuff. The storm comes early, as a lot of storms do, and we're not prepared for it, and we all get a little shocked and rattled around and come back to earth with [a] certain kind of mutation. And Victor's mutation is his whole system is overtaken by this metallic structure, which is a part of the ship that he built to go up to space in, which is this indestructible metallic steel kind of thing. And then he becomes, slowly but surely throughout the movie, the Dr. Doom character, which is this guy who's this kind of strange, demonic freak behind a mask.

As the villain, did you get to have the most fun of all the cast members?

You know, I don't know about that. I'd say the other guys in the movie had a lot of fun, too. But you always look at the go, "Okay, he had a good time" because you get to play, you know what I mean? I certainly got to play, but the other characters did, too. So I don't know. But I certainly had a good time.

How does Fantastic Four distinguish itself from other summer blockbusters?

I think it's just different because it's fun. And it's funny, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. We're not dark at all. It's a popcorn movie and it just wants to take you on a little bit of a ride.

Have you learned anything about the Fantastic Four from the fans?

Yeah. I knew quite a lot about them already, [but] there were certain things that I never knew. But the guy who did Michael Chiklis' prosthetics was a comic book freak. I'm telling you, freak, freak, freak, right? So he has got all the comic books, not just from the Fantastic Four, but from everything, right? And the cartoon. So he was the best thing around because he'd tell me everything. So I learned a lot of things. And they'll tell me. As soon as I got this role, people were coming out...I work on this show called Nip/Tuck, and there were people I'd never even met before on the set that just kind of came out behind the stands and went, "I love the fact that you're playing Victor. Do you know that he came from a place called Latveria, and that he..." You know what I mean? They're all giving you little tidbits of information, and it's really quite fascinating. And then to see how passionate they are about it is cool.

Thanks for your time.

Thank you.

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